English Page(midori-yu)

 This is an introductory guide for first time visitors to Midoriyu.
Midoriyu is a public bath in Jiyugaoka since 1957.
Business Hours 
Afternoon 14:15~24:00
Final admittance  23:30
Regular holiday/closed
Middle School Students
Elementary School Student
Preschool-Age Children
Sauna fee

Tools for bathing

※Shampoo, body soap, etc. are not provided
You can buy a towel for bathing, shampoo, soap,cosmetics and other goods  such as disposable razors.¥40~¥250)
※Hair dryer
(Available used by¥20)
Small towel ¥50
Bath towel ¥100
Tattoo OK
The shop is non-smoking
Photography prohibited in the bathroom

How useful are sento for our health?

The sento are well known to hold great benefits for an individual‘s health and beauty. Also by bahting in the houses,this will increase the substance inside the body colled the Heat Shock Protein which is a great advantage for your health and beauty. (the temperature around42℃)


You can enjoy soaking in a big bath and view a wall painting of Mt.Fuji.

Men's bath  ↓There are separate baths for men and women.

Women's bath


(Men and women are each one)
Saunas have a variety of uses, such as recovery from fatigue, cosmetic effects, aid in sleeping, and anti-aging effects.
There are synergistic effects when you use a sauna and a cold-water bath one after the other.
※There is an additional fee (¥200) to use the sauna.

cold-water bath

The cold-water bath is recommended for shrinking the blood vessels, improving the metabolism, eliminating muscle fatigue, and increasing the effects of dieting and after sweatand saunas.

Men's dressing room

Women's dressing room

Bathing steps

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Bathing etiquette

Please take your underwear before you go in
Please wash yourself well before getting into the tub
Please use the shower while sitting and turn it off when you don't use it
Please keep your towel out of the tub
Please refrain from washing your clothes or underwear
Please dry youself off before coming out to the dressing area
After use wash tubs and chairs, back to where it was

Sento Event

■”Shobu-yu,” Bath with Iris

May 5th

■ Lavender Bath

October 10th

(※) Public Bath Day…

■Yuzu-yu, Citron Bath

around December 22nd


Midoriyu (public bath)

2-7-14, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0034, Japan
gallery yururi     
☎ 03-3717-4516 
(yururi みどり湯ともに